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The due date for the Tax Year 2014 Second Installment was Monday, August 3, 2015.

The due date for the Tax Year 2014 First Installment was Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Please note: Pursuant to Cook County Ordinance 13-O-12, commercial payers using this Real-Time TPA System (RTS) are required to pay a $1.00 enhanced processing fee per PIN and installment upon which they tender payment.


Dear Third Party Agent:

The Real-Time TPA System (RTS) payment site allows banks, mortgage companies, and title companies to pay property taxes online through an ACH debit and receive an instant, official Cook County Treasurer printable E-Receipt.

Paying Online at

  • Payments can be made on multiple Property Index Numbers (PINs) - 10 PINs per transaction
  • Payments are made via ACH debit transaction
  • Payments can be made on current and previous tax years (when available)
  • Provides printable official Cook County Treasurer E-Receipts along with downloadable payment history screen
  • Real-Time payment information provided including Certificate of Error adjustments to tax bill
  • Fast and convenient payment system for real estate mortgage companies, title companies, trustees and real estate attorneys

All third party payments should be made by either one of our two convenient, easy to use, electronic payment methods: RTS site, or for larger quantities of properties where receipts are not required, the TPA site



Maria Pappas

Maria Pappas
Cook County Treasurer

PLEASE NOTE: Pursuant to business policies of the Cook County Treasurer’s Office aimed at preventing duplicate payments, the Treasurer’s Office does not accept payments or payment commitments in respect of property taxes for which payment has already been made or committed by another party. If you are the party legally responsible for paying property taxes that another party has already paid or committed to pay, your payment of such taxes may be made via this web site. BY SUBMITTING ANY PAYMENT VIA THIS SITE, YOU HEREBY (1) CERTIFY THAT YOU ARE THE PARTY LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT OF SUCH PROPERTY TAXES, (2) DISCLAIM ANY INTEREST IN OTHER PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS MADE ON THE SAME PARCEL FOR THE SAME TAX YEAR AND INSTALLMENT, AND (3) ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE COOK COUNTY TREASURER’S OFFICE MAY RELY UPON THE FOREGOING CERTIFICATION AND DISCLAIMER IN REFUNDING SUCH OTHER PAYMENT(S).
Before attempting to make payment, please check with your financial institution that you do not have an ACH block on your account.
Our ACH provider's ID is 1388888888.
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